Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More rehearsal photos...

More rehearsal photos related to the posts a few days ago...

This is from Day 4 of rehearsals, my daughter and I taking a break from the Dad's practice for our portion of the dance (Me in my other ugly yellow shoes, my Asics Gel-Speedstars... good grief, are the only neutral training and racing shoes that suit me all made of colors not found in nature?).

Post-rehearsal picture of most of the Dads and their daughters who are in the dance. Some of the daughters, including mine, are not pictured because they had left to go watch a staff/student basketball game where the players ride on donkeys (I'm easy to pick out, just look for the yellow shoes, a la Big Bird)

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JohnnyTri said...

Just came across your blog via anothers.

Great that your doing the Dancing! U rock as a Father!

IM 2008! Sweet deal, sounds like you and me both, just need to entry and pay the fee! Now which race is key.