Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cycle, swim, weights and eventually running

Due to my left shin injury, I have by default started my triathlon training way ahead of schedule. I'm going to the YMCA regularly, now cycling pretty hard for at least an hour or more 4 times a week, and tomorrow I'm going to start the swimming phase (that should be humorous). The machine weights have been going much better after the initial round of new soreness, and I can feel my upper body strength increasing. I'll never be Conan the Barbarian, but at least I won't be Pee Wee Herman. I have also figured out a way to "politely" get the people off of the machines who just sit there staring into space by asking, "Are you done using that?", instead of saying, "There's a nice lounge chair out in the lobby that would be much more comfortable and you can do your 1,000 blinking reps there instead." Thanks to a friend of mine who is a physical therapist, I have been doing stretching exercises for the shin that hopefully will strengthen it for when I resume my running. Now that I have these other cross-training things going on, I'm in no hurry to start back with the running "on April 1" if I am not absolutely 100% sure that the injury is totally healed. I had a 6 month layoff a few years back with a severe groin pull and it only took me about a month to get back up to 40+ mile weeks, so I'm not too worried about losing any fitness in that respect. I have my Speedo and regular swim trunks packed for the YMCA tomorrow. I have no idea what these folks wear in the pool since this is a family place and the kids are on spring break, so I'll go with the flow as far as suit attire.

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Shelley said...

You know...that's the great thing about this sport of triathlon..if you can't run then you can swim, if you can't swim, then you can bike or run..there will always be "something" else you can work on (coming from someone who's had every injury under the sun)..great attitude you have!!!