Friday, March 23, 2007

End of first full week towards the Ironman

I suppose you could say this marked the first full week of my Ironman training for 2008. Since I'm not certain what is good or not, I'll post it here and let the more experienced Ironman and triathlete bloggers tell me what they think:

M-F: 800 meter swim each morning without stopping each time (4,000 meters for the week)

Stationary cycle: 4 times @ 1 hour each session, about 14 miles per hour (64 miles for the week)

Weight machines: Worked out 4 times, kept a detailed chart of weights and reps, steady increases across the board

Running: Starting back on April 16 (If you have not read my blog before, I've set that as the target date to resume running while recovering from a bad left shin splint. I will not yield to the temptation of starting any sooner, although my running shoes have been calling out my name lately.)

I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.


runliarun said...

My running shoes keep silent. Hmmm... do you think there's something wrong with them?

aggie jogger '77 said...

Robert, I left you a comment on your Friday post as well. Your blog/site are wonderful and your efforts are to be greatly commended for getting our youth off the couch and out into the frsh air to exercise and run. I posted a "memory" post on my blog just a bit ago after reading about your preparations with your daughter. It will be a most memorable week for you, that comes from a Dad that has worn the t-shirt and enjoyed. Good luck....Randy

Deb said...

Hey Robert! Sounds like all is well. What 08 Ironman race are you doing? Mike and I are off to Boston soon, then Canada in Aug of IM Canada. It's so beautiful up there..reminds me of Northern Cal. Keep her going!

Gripperm said...

We are all here rooting you on!

Gripperm said...

BTW sorry about The Tar Heels!