Thursday, March 8, 2007

Blog Database Statistics and PR10K (Promote Running for 10,000 Kids) update

With the searchable and categorized Blog Database rapidly approaching 200 bloggers (I am estimating by the end of March it will be around 250-350), I thought it would be interesting now that it has a nice cross-section to start updating the page weekly with statistics so that members and visitors can see where they fit in with others, so be sure to check it out.

With respect to the Faithful Soles PR10K program, we have had great support from bloggers who have become members or sponsors to get youth involved in the program ($15.00 per year), and I am presently working with a number of schools in the U.S. (and am beginning talks with schools in other parts of the world). Right now, the waiting list of youth in underserved areas that we will be able to provide matching memberships to through our Faithful Soles memberships or sponsorships will be in the neighborhood of at least 1,000 by the end of this month. As more schools sign up for the program, I think I can easily reach my goal of 10,000 by the end of 2007 at the earliest, or mid-2008 at the latest. After that, I suppose I'll need to rename it to PR20K or PR100K or whatever it needs to be to keep getting young people involved in learning how to set goals and establish a walking or running program for themselves. Remember, in less than 5 minutes, you can make a big impact on the life of a young person.


Josh said...

it's very cool what you're doing. keep on keepin on!

Jess said...

There's nothing like the ACC tournament! ACC basketball is like nothing else. Even though my Terps got bumped early from the ACC's, I think that will lead to big things in the NCAA. I guess we'll see where we get seeded tonight!

Meredith said...

Hi, I am looking for some advice. You are quite the experienced marathon runner, so I will listen carefully to what you say. My first marathon was the 2007 Austin Marathon, and I absolutely loved it. I plan on running it again next year. I am on spring break now and have been running around White Rock Lake a lot as I am from Dallas (but go UT). I have heard that the White Rock Marathon is a good one, and the area seems like it would make for a good course. I am thinking about doing the White Rock Marathon and the Austin Marathon next year. What are your thoughts on a not-that-exerienced-but-motivated-marathoner doing two marathons within 2 1/2 months of eachother? Is this realistic or am I setting myself up for injury and fatigue (I'm also a busy student)? Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Faithful Soles said...

Before I can give you a better answer, please answer the following:

1. What was your finishing time?

2. How long did you train for Austin?

3. Did you walk, run, or do a combination of walking and running for the marathon?

4. Were you a part of anything marathon training program in the Austin area, such as Austin Fit or Round Rock Fit?

Meredith said...

1. 4:04:03

2. I followed a 20 week training schedule.

3. I ran the whole marathon, although I did have to wait in line for a port-a-potty about 4 minutes around mile 6.

4. I did train some with a friend but not an actual marathon training program.

Faithful Soles said...

Meredith, very impressive stats for a first marathon. I would guess you had some sort of running background prior to the training, either that, or you a naturally gifted distance runner. Based on your feedback, I see absolutely no reason why you can't do those 2 marathons within 2 1/2 months of each other (provided you stay injury free). The hardest one to train for will be Dallas because if you start 20 weeks out again, that means training begins in July, which is brutal here in Texas for distance training. Expect the length of your average run and times to drop during that period, but don't let it get you down. When the cool months return, you'll be flying. I suggest keeping up a base mileage between now and July of at least 20-25 miles a week, then pick an intermediate marathon training program (you are past the beginner stage with your stats), either the one you used before or there are many online or with local running groups. Here's the difficult part to determine, and that is how much to push it. I'd take it easy in Dallas, in other words, don't pressure yourself to beat your Austin time. Do Dallas almost like a long training run. After Dallas, assuming 10 weeks between the 2 races, you'll have a couple of weeks to recover with some light walking and running in that time, and then you should be able to resume a regular training schedule for 6 weeks followed by a 2 week taper. Always remember, the marathon is a funny animal. I've run 16 of them, all different obstacles to overcome in each one, and you have to learn with experience how to adapt to how you feel that day, the weather, and whatever else pops up.

Meredith said...

Great. Thanks.