Sunday, February 11, 2007

Austin Marathon - 7 days and counting... And the big WHY?

I woke up this morning for the first time in at least a month and had absolutely no pain in my left shin. I flexed my foot up, and I flexed it down, expecting at least of twinge of something that said it still hurt, but nothing, zero. Does that mean I'm going to lace up the shoes now and hit the road? Nope, I have not quite yet reached that level of stupidity. I'm sticking to the elliptical, and the next running step I take will be next Sunday when the gun goes off to start the marathon.

ok, the big "WHY?"... I have gotten a lot of emails and feedback on the main Faithful Soles web site. In the past month I've contacted probably close to 500 people about listing their blogs in the database there, joining the site, submitting stories, nominating a Runner of the Week, etc. The emails and feedback I have gotten are honestly 95% or better favorable, but that 5% or so, and I have to think in the back of my mind that at least some of the 95% and many who have not emailed or sent any feedback, are really wondering why I do this. I wrote a story for the site about 2 months ago that I wanted to share with you here, so if you are in this "why" category or just generally curious, please read "A Non-Athletic Geek is Born". I don't think there is anything else that I could add to my "why" than what is stated there.


IrishBlue said...

Your childhood pain is something I can relate to. Like you, I was self-conscious and awkward. I had the coke bottle glasses, the gap in my teeth and I was overweight. By high school I had thinned down. Still, when I looked in the mirror, I could only see an overweight girl.

You're right about what it gave you. It gave me compassion too and that's something real... something many people don't have.

Good luck with Faithful Soles. It sounds like you have much to give.

Reb said...

Just linked my blog. Thanks for putting this's nice for people to be able to find others at the same skill level and and in the same boat!