Saturday, February 17, 2007

Austin Marathon - 1 day and counting... and Round Rock Fit

Last night I gave the keynote motivational speech to a group of about 100 walkers, runners and their families who are members of Round Rock Fit, one of the local chapters of USAFit here in Austin. About half of those in attendance will be doing their very first marathon or half-marathon tomorrow, and prior to my speaking there were some amazing and emotional testimonies from some of these great folks. One in particular was Judy, a lady who will be walking the half-marathon, and who originally set out to do this as a weight loss program. Not only has she lost 40 lbs., but more importantly she talked about the way the whole experience has changed her life for the better. As she spoke, there were slides in the background of her from when she started until now. Not only could you see the transformation in her physical appearance, but more importantly, I saw the transformation in the smile on her face, and how much greater it was as she progressed. I am always humbled by how powerful this entire experience is to witness people accomplishing things they never thought were possible.

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Annette said...

It's amazing what running/walking can do for a person's self-esteem.

Good luck on your marathon. Hope the shins are feeling better.