Saturday, February 3, 2007

Austin Marathon - 15 days and counting

Rest day today, probably do 10-15 miles tomorrow afternoon. Shin this morning is feeling significantly better, but still pretty sore.

Side note: I have been reading many blogs and posting comments on them introducing people to my Running Blog Database on Faithful Soles, and so far better than half of them have linked their blogs to it. It is very inspiring to read what everyone has to say. At the pace it's on now, I envision having a few thousand blogs linked to it by the end of the year. If you have not yet visited it, please go to and you will find the link to it from the home page (you can't miss it, there's an animated blogger making his entries). If you want to link your blog to the database, just click on "Link your running blog" under "Free features" in the lefthand column (takes about 2 minutes).

Also, I am looking for nominations from around the world from our weekly features of "Runner of the Week", and stories for our "Story of the Week". If you have someone you would like to nominate, or have a story you would like to share, please select the links from under "Free Features" in the lefthand column on the home page.


-christina said...

Hey Robert. I think you main site is really amazing and inspiring. I linked you to my blog and I entered my blog's info on your home page.

Good luck with the training and remember to ice those shin splints!



Morning Robert. Just to share, I ran my 10K on the road (the first time this year) and broke the one hour barrier. So I did it in 57mins 49secs. Nowadays, I am more and more motivated partly because of your blog and your main site.... thanks

Steve said...

Good Luck on at the Austin Marathon!

Tim said...

Thanks for your comments. I linked you to my blog and I entered my blog's info on your home page.

Great site!

Mir said...

Faithful Soles--what a great site. I read the story of "The Greatest Marathoner" and was so touched and reminded of all I take for granted. An amazing story of human achievement in the face of adversity. I went ahead and added my blog to your database--thanks for letting me know about it...and good luck at the Austin Marathon!