Friday, February 2, 2007

Austin Marathon - 16 days and counting

Still some pain in my shin, but I was encouraged. I did 7.5 miles again today, this time almost 2 minutes faster than yesterday with what felt like the same effort (first mile in 7:50, last mile in 7:39, overall pace for the whole run about 7:40 per mile). 85 miles to go until February 13.


Jason The Running Man said...

Hey there...found your blog off anther blog. Great blog!

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Jason The Running Man said...


What an inspiring website. Your doing great work! I look forward to reading your blog...I wish I had found your site earlier!

Jason The Running Man said...

Robert - I linked up. I also put a link to your website on my blog. Keep inspiring!


Hello Robert. Thanks for visitng my blog. Your blog is an interesting one. It is inspirational for a slow runner like me. Definitely you blog is a "must visit" for me. By the way, I have linked you up in my blog.