Monday, February 12, 2007

Austin Marathon - 6 days and counting... And "Pimp My Running Shoes"

Left shin splint update: I decided last night to test the limits of what pain, if any, I still might have. I did a full flex up of my toes on my left foot as far as I could get them to go, and there is a tiny area, maybe the size of a dime, that has a little pain, but nothing like it was a a few weeks ago. When I pointed my toes down, same result in the same area. I'm just going to stick with the Aleve, ice, rest, ointment routine, and still will not run a step until next Sunday.

I did not exercise any yesterday, but I did get some errands run in preparation for the marathon next weekend. I picked up a new pair of Nike Pegasus TC's (the racing flat, not the normal Pegasus) and have been walking around in them getting them broken in. They are jet black with white laces and solid yellow bottoms, with some shiny black areas. Are they ugly? Yes. They look like they could have been on an episode of "Pimp My Running Shoes", but hey, as long as they get the job done, I don't care. And yes, I know that conventional wisdom is not to wear "new" shoes on a first run, but I have raced in these for years (3 fastest times ever in these shoes) and they typically are fully broken in for me after only 2-3 days of walking around. Besides, since I'm now not running Austin for time, if something should go wrong with them, I'm giving my wife my backup pair of training shoes I've been wearing and I can just stop on the course and change shoes (by the way, those are Asics Speedstars, a bright yellow not found in nature, what's up with these shoe colors?). I plan to go to the YMCA tonight for the elliptical again, and will probably do it daily through Thursday, then rest up completely on Friday and Saturday.

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Gripperm said...

racing flats and cross country shoes seem to have the worse color combinations ever!