Monday, April 16, 2007

Pictures from an AMAZING Spring Show!

First of all, I am so proud of my daughter! It is impossible to put into words how hard she and the other 45+ members of this drill team worked on this show. It was my job before the performance to get the stage sets and coordination of the show backstage done, and to me, that is the best seat in the house. To see the girls laughing, crying, praying, and loving each other like a giant family back there is my most cherished memory. ok, so here are some of the pictures...

My daughter and I on Wednesday during the last rehearsal before the show starts on Thursday night.

Me in the props storage room putting the final paint touches on a giant rocking chair we built for one of the girls who did the old Lily Tomlin "Edith Ann" skit.

My wife and I in the old-fashioned newsstand we (prop dads and moms) built to distribute programs for the show, which also acted as a ticket booth.

Me (red shirt and shorts) giving final instructions on opening night to some of the Dads helping backstage (the smoky air is from the fog machines which help the stage lights).

Me and my daughter backstage prior to the Dad/Daughter dance.

My daughter and her boyfriend backstage. He danced with her in the Senior Guy/Girl dance.

My daughter prior to going onstage for the Senior girls dance.

My daughter (far right) during the Finale' on Saturday night.

The entire team assembled on stage after Finale' on the final night of the performance (the 5 Officers of the team are in the white uniforms).

The team huddles up and sings their team song one last time.

While on stage the final night, the team presented me with a custom-made tool belt engraved with "To our 'Prop Daddy', Love, The 2006-2007 Celebrities" and a hammer with "Prop Pop 2006-2007" engraved on it. I love all of these girls and am so proud of them, and a gift like this is priceless.

The drill team director, my daughter and me after the show.

My daughter and her proud freshman brother after the show.

My wife, daughter and I after the final performance on Saturday night.

All in all, a truly incredible show and I feel so blessed to have shared such great moments with my daughter!


Gripperm said...

Pics are worth a thousand words and those pics are great

momo said...

often times our children are involved in things at school and we watch from a distance. what a blessing for her to have you so involved. way to go, prop dad!

Jess said...

Those pics are great! It looks like the show was a really great time for everyone!

aggie jogger '77 said...

It sounds like an awesome time, I know how you felt, having participated in a similar event with my very special Senior Daughter in 2003. Way to go, Prop Dad.