Monday, July 14, 2008

Great weekend of training in spite of oppressive Houston heat

With 12 weeks to go (as of yesterday) until the Longhorn 70.3 my training is going exceedingly well. This past weekend Houston had heat indexes well in excess of 100 degrees, and even the early morning or late evening temps were still above 95. Here is how my weekend went:

Saturday morning ran 15 miles in 1:57:45 (7:51 overall pace per mile), with a negative split from the first to second 7.5 mile loops that I run, and my last mile was in 7:51, which told me that I paced myself well from start to finish and didn't slow up coming in. The heat index was about 93 when I finished the run with humidity around 80%, so I feel really good about my effort under those conditions.

Saturday afternoon swam 2500m (1.55 miles) at about a 2:00-2:01 pace per 100m.

Sunday afternoon road 56.0 miles on the bike (longest ride to date and equal to the Half-Ironman distance) at about a 19-20 mph pace (just slightly under 3 hours).

I have also been keeping track of the percentage of miles put into swimming, cycling and running to see how close they are coming to the percentages of the 3 events in the Half-Ironman. Thus far, I am up about 2% in the swim, down about 5% in the cycling and up about 4% in the running. These numbers to me are good because the cycling is still by far the easiest of the 3 for me, and putting slightly more focus on the swim and especially the run I think will help me much more in my overall training and on race day.

I'd love any input or comments from you.


Kona Shelley said...

I love love love that race. I hope you do too!!!

Irene said...

All's I can say is wow. I live in CA and it get's a little over 80 degrees and everyone starts complaining! We're so spoiled! Nice job training in the heat and humidity.

I'm living vicariously through others running blogs at the moment, until I heal.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Here's a link to a recipe that's just about the same as the one from the back of my oatmeal cannister. The only thing different is that I added 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg.

Happy training!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. I am a beginnger runner and have been reading your blog and going to the Faithful Soles web site for quite some time and just wanted to thank you for opening up your blog to anonymous comments from people other than registered bloggers. Thank you for your inspiration.

Jonathan in Columbus, Ohio