Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What I refer to as "Stupid Hot"

Relatively speaking, we have had a rather mild summer in Houston, mainly because for about a 45 day stretch we had heavy rains and overcast skies for probably 40 of those days. However, the sun is now out in full force and we officially hit 100 degrees today. Now for those of you in other parts of the country who may say, "oh yeah, well we get that hot", let me add this little tidbit... Tomorrow morning BEFORE THE SUN COMES UP, our humidity will be 90-100% and our heat index will be above 90... again, that is BEFORE the sun comes up. Trying to run in the morning is like having someone place a 500 pound weight on your chest as you try to breathe. This afternoon before 5:00, my son and I went swimming. I walked out of the locker room, got straight into the pool, swam 2000m, and then went straight back into the locker room. The first thing I noticed was that I was sunburned... ON MY FACE AND CHEST, and I was swimming breaststroke and freestyle the entire way. The pool water felt like a hot bath and the reflection of the sun off of the bottom of the pool is what burned me. When I walked in the door the first thing my wife said was, "I thought you went to swim, what did you do, lay out?" Yes, it is Stupid Hot in Houston now.


marathena said...

Also, stupid hot in Ft. Worth!! Same thing happened to me!! Yikes!! Looks like summer is finally here!! Bummer, I kind of liked the cooler weather!!

JohnnyTri said...

your not even kidding there..
I swam yesterday too but I piled on the 50 block before hand!

stay cool..


Jess said...

Man that's insane. Everyone always told me Texas had "dry heat" (As in no humidity) Clearly they are very wrong.

Black Knight said...

The same happened to me in the latest years. Now I have learned the lesson: a lot of protective cream on my body because I am a skin cancer survivor.

Josh said...

That is hawt!