Sunday, May 13, 2007

Glad to have the "weak" behind me

We are a very healthy family, and rarely ever get sick. The last time I had a fever that I can recall was about 6 years ago. Friday before last, my son calls from school shortly after arriving saying he was not feeling well, so I went and picked him up. He had a sore throat and fever (he had not missed a single day of school in more than 2 years). Over the next 7 days, in order, my wife caught it, then I caught it, then my daughter caught it (she has not missed a day of school in more than 3 years and ended up missing only 2 classes one morning last week).

I had it Wednesday and Thursday of last week, right after having had great swims on Monday and Tuesday and a couple of good runs to boot. Friday I felt 100% again and had a great swim, and Saturday swam my second ever 3200m in about 1:10. Both Friday and Saturday's swims concluded with decent runs of about 5 miles each.

Saturday night my wife and I went to a dear friend's wedding, Debbie Goldberg, who is the Head Coordinator for Houston Fit, the largest USAFit group in the United States (Houston Fit had about 1,500 people enroll last year for the half-marathon and marathon training programs). My guess is there were close to 500 people in attendance at the wedding, and looking around at the runners whom I personally knew in the crowd, I would estimate they have run collectively over 1,000 marathons. Debbie has probably been directly or indirectly responsible for over 10,000 people completing a half-marathon or marathon in her lifetime, and it was truly an honor to be there at such an important moment in her life. I pray that her and her husband Bruce will live a long and happy life together.


Deb said...

Glad you're all feeling better, what a bummer. But the wedding, aren't they the greatest? People you care for inviting YOU to share the most important day of your life. Lucky man!

Scott said...

ah ha! you got sick. you are human! (i was beginning to think you were a machine.)


Shelley said...

That wedding sounds like it would have been very cool!!

Jess said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better!

momo said...

glad you're feeling better, that stuff hit us around new year's and it made its way fast and furious through the family.

the first marathon i ever ran was through phoenix fit!

congratulations to your friends, i wish them many years of happiness and love.